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Sharing My Expertise

Empowering You With The Power Of Education While Inspiring Excellence! 

As a social entrepreneur, I've been honored to speak about my journey, expertise, initiative, and experiences, and I am grateful that these insights have transformed many lives. In the past few years some of the key events I’ve been invited as a speaker at: 

  • Harvard Business School Annual Conference

  • TedX Speaker

  • Atlantic Council - Washington, DC

  • E&Y International Women's Day Guest Speaker

  • Insead International Women's Day Guest Speaker

  • BETT Middle East

  • Arab Women in Business & Leadership, 2016 

  • Dubai Expo2020

Some key interviews:

  • Al Hurra TV

  • MBC TV

  • Dubai One TV

  • Uma Show


Gain Valuable Insights To Create A Better Future Empowered By Entrepreneurial Success. 

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