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Understanding the impact of sports on our overall well being and being a triathlete myself, I was drawn to PACES (Palestine Association for Childrens Encouragement of Sports) and the work that they are doing with Palestinian children in refugee camps and marginalized communities. 


We believe that providing these children a fun and healthy alternative to being in their homes and/or on the streets can make an immense difference in advancing their general well-being, their physical and social development, and help them develop into productive adults in the future.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities to as many marginalized Palestinian girls and boys to play sports, flourish and grow in nurturing sanctuaries in order to empower them so they grow to become good and active citizens.

I'm a very proud Member of the Board of Trustees and have taken part in the Dubai Marathon and trekked through Norway to raise funds for the programs. You can watch a short video about our trek and see the children in action!


You can learn more about PACES and donate to the cause here.

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