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Join PACES The Movement For Positive Change! 

At PACES, we strive towards empowering Palestinian children through sports. Being a triathlete and someone who believes in creating a better tomorrow, I was naturally drawn to PACES after running the Dubai Marathon to raise awareness about their work. 


As a triathlete, I know the impact sports have on our overall well-being and believe that it’s an obligation for me to be a valuable part of the PACES programs at refugee camps and marginalized communities. ​


These children deserve a better alternative than being in the street. At PACES, we create a fun and healthy environment and promote physical activities. This improves their physical and social development and empowers them with a proactive and productive mindset.


Our Mission

Provide as many sports opportunities to as many Palestinian children, help them flourish in nurturing sanctuaries, and empower them to become transformational citizens who create a better tomorrow for others. 

Having seen the happiness and fulfillment PACES brings to these children, I’m proud and filled with gratitude when I say that I'm a Member of the Board of Trustees for this UK-based charity. I’ve run the London Marathon, Dubai Marathon and trekked through Norway to raise funds for the happiness and fulfillment of these children.

Watch videos, learn more about the program, donate to PACES, and transform lives! 

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