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Creating A Better World Fuelled By Entrepreneurship 

I firmly believe that the way and stage at which entrepreneurship is taught to young people today is inefficient. To help our children develop an entrepreneurial mindset in their adult years, I ensure that the roots, fundamentals, and core values of subjects taught to them are as young as seven or eight. 

An entrepreneurial mindset needs to nurture and develop side-by-side life experiences. Only then can our young people be equipped with unquestionable critical thinking skills and self-confidence. I aim to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in young minds. In pursuit of this goal, I have brought in the BizWorld program from Silicon Valley and started the Future Entrepreneurs platform that empowers the youth.

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In pursuit of creating a better tomorrow, I’ve realized that we need to empower those less fortunate than us and help them achieve emotional and economic stability. 

To ensure this, I’ve been an integral part of strategic development and marketing communications at the Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP). To date, we’ve helped hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian refugee artists harness their cultural craftsmanship of hand-embroidered garments. 

See how these refugee artists are achieving economic freedom!

Early on in my life, I wasn’t too passionate about sports. However, after participating in the Dubai Marathon 2013, I quickly realized that participating in sports helps develop discipline and consistency. 

This, coupled with my knowledge of entrepreneurship, made me realize that both these traits are essential for achieving economic stability and creating a better world. Due to this realization, I became an active board member at PACES, -a charitable organization that provides a nurturing environment to Palestinian children and promotes sports among them. 

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Contribution To The Fight Against Cancer 

Our world today is filled with incurable diseases or ones that are too expensive to cure. Those who have monetary stability are able to ensure a better quality of life by seeking treatments when they succumb to such a disease. 

However, many of us don’t possess the monetary resources required to avail treatments. Those providing treatments free of cost oftentimes lack the resources to ensure operational sustainability. 

To ensure that organizations providing such treatments can continue to do so, I embarked on a trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest summit in Africa, in 2014 and raised funds for the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC).


My team and I again embarked on a trek of Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, to raise much-needed funding for the center in Jordan. We remain committed to raising funding for the KHCC and believe in the mission to provide world-class treatments to cancer patients. 

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Memberships and Affiliations 

Social Enterprise

  • The Sophia Collective, Co-founder

  • Advisor, Brand Ambassador:

    • The Social Enterprise Project, SEP​

    • Lumeyo Jordan

Volunteer Work

  • PACES, Member of the Board of Trustees

  • King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Volunteer Fundraising, Team Lowest to Highest for Cancer 2014

  • National Charities School, UAE, Board Member

  • Misk Foundation, Mentor

Other Memberships

  • Board Member, Augustus Media (Lovin' Dubai)

  • Member Young Arab Leaders. ​

  • Member of Dubai Business Women's Council.

  • National Charities School – Board Member. ​

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