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My Work: Entrepreneurship education 

I'm a firm believer that the  entrepreneurial spirit, and all the  important characteristics associated  with it, needs to take root as early as  seven or eight years old. This  entrepreneurial mindset also needs to  be nurtured from an early age for it to  truly grow into a driving factor for  students.

Currently, entrepreneurship is being  taught and encouraged to students at  the high school and university levels,  however, at such a late stage, we can’t  expect the entrepreneurial spirit to  realistically take root.

Teaching students about  entrepreneurship impacts them in so  many ways. Not only is the program helping them learn the basics  of starting and running a business, it is  also helping them develop critical  thinking skills and build their self-confidence.

Another major aspect that we focus  on is teaching students the  importance giving back to their  community. These are all critical  skills to learn which they will take on  to adulthood, so no matter what  career path they choose, they will  grow up to become well-rounded  individuals.

My goal is to instill the  entrepreneurial spirit in these  students. We want them to know  that life is not about just getting a  job, their future has options and  entrepreneurship is one of them.  Finally, and just as important,  entrepreneurship and leadership are  already within these children, what  she is aiming to do is bring it out to  help them shine.

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Memberships & Affiliations

Social Enterprise

The Social Enterprise Project   |   Advisor, Brand Ambassador

Drafting Social Enterprise Laws UAE  |   Founding Core Team Member


PACES  |   Member of the Board of Trustees   

​King Hussein Cancer Foundation  |   Volunteer Fundraising, Team Lowest to Highest for Cancer 2014, 2018

Nakhweh.Org  |   Advisory Board Member

Jusoor, Syrians Moving Forward |   Mentor

Other Memberships

Lovin' Dubai  |   Board Member

Young Arab Leaders ​|   Member

Dubai Business Women's Council |   Member

Oasis 500 |   Mentor

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Special projects: SEP

As an advocate of the Social Enterprise business model and my passion for supporting women and Palestinians, I have been honored to work with Roberta Ventura an Italian, Geneva based Founder & CEO of SEP Jordan, The Social Enterprise Project as a ProBono Advisor and a Brand Ambassador

THE SEP Brand stands for craftsmanship, quality, respect, resilience, passion and it is bringing some degree of emotional and economic independence to hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian artists, who happen to be refugees.


Every Stitch Tells a Story: each piece is embroidered by a single talented artist. Women who treasure the cross-stitch technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

The SEP Promise is #mutualhappiness: SEP provide fortunate consumers access to beautiful, bespoke and elegant fashion accessories. At the same time, SEP empowers less fortunate artists with professional, personal and economic stability. 

Special Projects: PACES

Understanding the impact of sports on our overall well being and being a triathlete myself, I was drawn to PACES and the work that they are doing with Palestinian children in refugee camps and marginalized communities. 

We believe that providing these children a fun and healthy alternative to being in their homes and/or on the streets can make an immense difference in advancing their general well-being, their physical and social development, and help them develop into productive adults in the future.


I'm a very proud Member of the Board of Trustees and have taken part in the Dubai Marathon and trekked through Norway to raise funds for the programs. You can watch a short video about our trek and see the children in action!

You can learn more about PACES and donate to the cause here.


Special Projects: Lowest to Highest for Cancer

Having summited Mt. Kilimanjaro (the highest summit in Africa) in 2014 to raise funds for the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), we again embark on another trek to Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe to raise much needed funding for the Center in Jordan. 

We are a team of people dedicated to helping the KHCC raise the funds necessary to continue to do the world-class treatment and support of cancer patients that they are already doing. 

You can read more about our mission and see our story here

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