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Future entrepreneurs & Bizworld

Currently, entrepreneurship is being  taught and encouraged to students at  the high school and university levels,  however, at such a late stage, we can’t  expect the entrepreneurial spirit to realistically take root.

Teaching students about  entrepreneurship impacts them in so  many ways. Not only is our program helping them learn the basics  of starting and running a business, it is  also helping them develop critical  thinking skills and build their self-confidence.

The program is also designed for  kids to increase their resilience,  become more empathetic and develop a sense of optimism.


Another major aspect that we focus  on is teaching students the importance of giving back to their community. These are all critical  skills to learn which they will take on  to adulthood, so no matter what  career path they choose, they will  grow up to become well-rounded  individuals.

My goal is to instill the  entrepreneurial spirit in these  students. We want them to know  that life is not about just getting a  job, their future has options and  entrepreneurship is one of them.  Finally, and just as important, entrepreneurship and leadership are already within these children, all we are doing is bringing it out to  help them shine.

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