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Endurance Sports

Absolute joy and euphoria - crossing that IronMan 70.3 Miami finish line. __A huge thank y

The Girl Who Walked! 

Remember those gym classes at school where everyone had to run, at least jog, for a mile? Well, I was the girl who walked and chatted with friends the whole way. I used to forge my mom’s signature just to get out of having to do any sports. I did it a hundred times. 

But in 2001, my journey, or at least the prelude of my journey, began. I had finally made it to the gym and watched in awe as people ran on treadmills, did crunches, and lifted weights. Needless to say, sports were never really my thing, and I was never into it. Even when I did become physically active, all I did was lift a few weights and do some tap-toe crunches. Maybe a 15 min jog every now and then. But all this was about to change.

The Triathlete: From Relectunat To Passionate 

All this changed back in 2012 when I randomly decided to run a marathon. Little did I know it would be a transformational experience. I trained for eight months, ran the Dubai Marathon 2013, and when I crossed the finish line, my life changed. 

I realized that being a committed athlete helps you develop unparalleled discipline and consistency. Both of these are essential to entrepreneurial success and transforming the world into a better place. I ventured into the world of triathlons in April 2016, and since then have been extremely passionate about the sport. To date, I’ve run:

To date, I have completed:

  • Over 10 Sprint distance triathlons.

  • 6 Olympic distance triathlons. 

  • 7 IronMan 70.3 triathlons. 

  • 5 full marathons. 

  • 1 full trail marathon.

Track my triathlon journey. 


What I love most about it is how much it has helped me get out of my comfort zone, test my own boundaries and limitations and learn new things, every day. And of course, the people I have met along the way.

Follow my triathlon journey!

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