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The social enterprise project (SEP)

 Craftsmanship, quality, respect, resilience, passion 

As an advocate of the Social Enterprise business model and my passion for supporting women and Palestinians, I have been honored to work with Roberta Ventura an Italian, Geneva based Founder & CEO of SEP Jordan, The Social Enterprise Project as a ProBono Advisor and a Brand Ambassador

THE SEP Brand stands for craftsmanship, quality, respect, resilience, passion and it is bringing some degree of emotional and economic independence to hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian artists, who happen to be refugees.


Every Stitch Tells a Story: each piece is embroidered by a single talented artist. Women who treasure the cross-stitch technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

The SEP Promise is #mutualhappiness: SEP provide fortunate consumers access to beautiful, bespoke and elegant fashion accessories. At the same time, SEP empowers less fortunate artists with professional, personal and economic stability. 

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