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Entrepreneurship Education

These are all personal values that I found rooted in the work that SEP Jordan does. Over the years, I’ve worked as an Advisor and Brand Ambassador for The Social Enterprise Project (SEP). 


As an advocate of the Social Enterprise business model, working with SEP has shown me first hand that we can create an unparalleled degree of emotional and economic independence for hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian artists, who happen to be refugees, by training and employing them to deliver the highest quality hand embroidered personal and home accessories. 


Each and every stitch of these hand-embroidered pieces has a story to tell. A story that emphasizes cultural values passed on from one generation to the next. And a story that has empowered these women allowing them to turn their craftsmanship into a thriving business. 


At SEP, we promise and promote mutual happiness. We provide fortunate customers access to elegant garments that are the true embodiment of the Palestinian culture. We also empower these refugee artists with an entrepreneurial mindset and skills helping them achieve economic stability. 


Want to know more about the SEP? 


Gain Valuable Insights To Create A Better Future Empowered By Entrepreneurial Success. 

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