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My name is Helen Al Uzaizi

I'm a Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Triathlete

About Me


Progressive Education

and Social Entrepreneurship Advocate

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I've spent the last 20 years working  in marketing, non-profit management, and entrepreneurship and have worked with some of the coolest brands I know!


About 10 years ago, I realized I wanted to be involved in non-profit organizations. Since then, I  have served as a Board Member, Brand Ambassador, Advisor, Fundraiser and Mentor to various NGO's in the region.

With my passion for entrepreneurship, education and children,  I founded Future Entrepreneurs, a platform to empower youth entrepreneurs in the MENA. I also took on the role of CEO for BizWorld for Jordan, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia. BizWorld is a social enterprise teaching children and youth all about building an entrepreneurial mindset.

Who am I ?

What I do ?

Social Enterpreneur




My Goal

I'm on a  mission!

I believe we can change the world and make it a better place. One person at a time, one step at a time. 


Even as a single individual, if we share our story and share our mission we can start creating a movement. 

My mission is two-fold: 

  • One, I believe that entrepreneurship education will give our children better hope for the future. 

  • Two, I believe that more women need to speak out and share how amazing they are and everything they accomplish.


There is no shortage of statistics that will validate both of these statements, and I am not here to share statistics. I am here to share my passion and love for children and my ultimate faith and belief in the power of women. 

I've been honored to have been invited to speak at numerous events over the years on both of these subjects and always looking to spread the word even more. 

I'd love to share my journey with you and your teams. 


Let's talk

Helen Al Uzaizi

Dubai • Amman

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