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Helen has been an incredible source of inspiration and I am forever grateful for meeting her after reading an article she wrote about her journey to IronMan Dubai.


From the moment I shared with her my aspiration of finishing an ironman one day too, she wholeheartedly believed in me and became my ultimate cheerleader. Her dedication and passion for endurance sports became contagious, igniting a fire within me to push my limits. 


She gave me a structure and helped me develop a plan and was there every step of the way. 


Whether it was joining me on long training rides, pushing me during challenging runs, or cheering me on from the sidelines on race day. She showed me that by identifying the end goal and by taking small steps towards it, I can achieve anything. This was something I never imagined I would be able to accomplish, but because of her strategy I conquered IronMan.


Helen dedicates herself to uplifting those around her, encouraging them to push their boundaries and achieve their full potential.

Maya Bach, IronMan Triathlete

I connected with Helen during a profoundly challenging period in my life. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 12 weeks into my pregnancy with my third child. Faced with this difficult situation, I felt the need to pause, to dial back the pace of life, and focus my energy on nurturing my unborn child, ensuring he was developing in a positive, serene environment.


A month after delivering my son, I underwent a thyroidectomy, followed by radiation. Although I emerged from this journey grateful for my health, I found myself at a loss, uncertain about my next steps and unsure of what I truly desired.


It was during this turbulent time that Helen played a crucial role. She guided me, instilled in me a renewed belief in my abilities, and reminded me of the power of dreams. She made it clear that anything I aspired to was within my reach - the essential part was to identify what I truly wanted and take the steps necessary to achieve it. 


I am profoundly grateful to Helen for being a significant catalyst in my journey, inspiring me to dream again, and pursue those dreams fearlessly.

Zahra Abdalla, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Food Blogger
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