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Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker & Adventurer

Start your journey to unparalleled excellence with me, a visionary businesswoman driving positive social change. Benefit from my 20-year-long experience working with major brands, non-profits, and startups. 

Uncover The Positive Impact You Can Have On The World!

During the past 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of working in marketing, non-profit management, and entrepreneurship with top brands! Over a decade ago, I embraced my intuition for non-profit work, and since then, I’ve served as Board Member, Brand Ambassador, and Mentor to multiple regional non-profit organizations (NGOs) and social enterprises.

I’ve also worked as the Chief Executive Officer for BizWorld in the MENA region, helping drive initiatives that empower the youth with an entrepreneurial mindset. The passion and love I have for education and nurturing young minds have also led to establishing Future Entrepreneurs- a platform that furthers my vision of empowering young entrepreneurs. 

Get in touch with me now and learn more about how you and I can pave the way for a successful tomorrow! 

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Brands I Have Worked With


About Me

Who am I ?

Hi, I’m Helen, a successful businesswoman with an ambition mentally fueling my passion for social justice. I primarily aim to equip our younger generations with entrepreneurial skills. I studied Law and Politics at the University of Manchester and received my executive education from Columbia University. 

Today, I’m a Certified Marketing Executive (CME) who’s collaborated with some of the world's top brands, including GEMS Education, Sheraa, Mowgli, the Jordan River Foundation, and more. Recently, I was honored with being selected as one of the UAE Smartest 100 People by Arabian Business and one of the 50 most influential women in the Arab world.

Apart from my professional life, I cherish being a loving mother of two incredible girls, an adventurer, and a triathlete. With my belief that “anything is possible,” I’ve made my dreams come to life, and I can help do the same for you!

Let's get started!

Here’s What I Can Do For You! 


Training and Workshops 

Gain hands-on experience through in-depth training in building an entrepreneurial mind-set and  entrepreneurship skills to  achieve unparalleled levels of organizational success.


Public Speaking 

Acquire valuable and applicable insight from my extensive knowledge and experience and transform your organization and the world around you.


1:1 Coaching & Consultancy

Unlock the power of strategic guidance and informed decision-making to develop actionable solutions that propel you to organizational and entrepreneurial excellence.

I'm on a  mission!

My Goals 

I believe that each one of your stories and experience can be transformed into a movement inspiring positive change. Together, you and I can transform the world into a better place, one step at a time, one person at a time!

We need to:

  • Emphasize entrepreneurial education for the younger generations, giving them better hope and a winning shot at the future. 

  • Have more women share their stories, ambitions, and accomplishments allowing all of us to benefit from their experiences. 


Throughout my 20 years of professional journey, I’ve seen and analyzed countless statistics that validate the need for both of these statements. I’ve been honored to have been invited to numerous events worldwide where I spoke about both women empowerment and entrepreneurship for the younger generation. 

I’m always willing to share my passion and expertise on both these subjects with you and your team so you, too, can explore and achieve dynamic strategies leading to a better tomorrow!

I’d love to share my journey with you!


Let's Talk

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Have any questions for me? Simply fill out the form and leave a message. 

Address:   Dubai • Amman

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